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    This opportunity is a step forward to enhance our vision that crowd sourced data is equal to crowd ownership. By contributing a pledge you will be part of a community which owns up to 12.5% equity within Power Predictor. This gives YOU the power to support an existing proven business and give back to society!

  • Find out how we are measuring real potential for sustainable energy production around the world.
    A brief set up guide to the Power Predictor as demonstrated on the BBC
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Welcome to Better Generation

We aim to produce accurate, real-life data on the viability of small renewable energy for any location in the world.

With The Power Predictor, our customers have generated millions of data records across over 120 countries so that, for the first time, they have the opportunity to become energy producers as well as consumers. Take a look around and let us know what you think.

Power Predictor Case Study

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Better Generation have worked with Cyberport in Hong Kong to install the Power Predictor in order to accurately measure the potential reduction in energy costs. Read more

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Power Predictor News: Power Predictor is Crowdfunding !

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