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Aug 13

Australia gets new small wind turbine industry association

Posted by: Toby Hammond   


A new industry body, called the Australian Small Wind Energy Association has just been founded. Here's an extract from an email which has been circulated to known players in the Australian small wind industry:


The Small Wind Industry really hasn't taken off yet in Australia when compared to Small Solar. There are a myriad of reasons for this, from our low media profile, poor Feed in Tariff (FIT) treatment, RECs issues, planning issues, industry training, product availability...the list goes on.


It has become apparent that we need a concerted industry-wide approach to the regulators, policy makers, and, most importantly, the market. It will allow us to take better control of our future as an industry, and facilitate communication with all stakeholders. This is why the Australian Small Wind Energy Association ( has been set up. ASWEA has been established as an inclusive industry association. It is an organisation that has a voice in the media, a voice with Governments, and can set up training programmes and establish standards for products and services to ensure the industry grows sustainably.


ASWEA needs industry people to get it running to find out more and to get involved, drop thema line at

Published: 13 Aug, 2010
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written by David Adin, August 26, 2010
I have a new and inovative Wind turbine (American/Israely invention) which will suit small houses to large buildings.
Very much want to know the next step. RECS is a concern.
0400 - 544448

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