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Our bookshop is a collection of the best books we've seen recently on energy saving and energy generation at home. To order any of the books we review here, just click through to Amazon who will do the rest.

How We Can Save the Planet
6.39 from Amazon
Mayer Hillman's How We Can Save the Planet manages to be highly readable, very challenging and totally honest about the tough steps we must take to avert climate chaos. He advocates a carbon rationning approach that builds on the princples of Contraction and Convergence. Each of us, says Mayer, have to take responsibility for our own excess carbon emissions. Take the annual amount of carbon dioxide the planet can naturally absorb. Divide this figure by the number of people with whom we currently share the planet. Anything you emit that is over your personal share is immoral, and when you realise that a return flight to New York emits more than your annual carbon allowance, you can see the trouble we are in. It's hard to find any fault with his logic - we say this book should be required reading.

"for thirty years Mayer Hillman has been busily turning conventional political thinking on its head ... he has come up with solutions that are hard to dismiss" - The Guardian.

The Energy Saving House
12 from Amazon
The Energy Saving House by Thierry Salomon & Stephane Bedel is an excellent introduction to how to save energy at home. Translated from the original french edition, an updated version was published in the UK by the Centre for Alternative Energy and Friends of the Earth in 2003.

The book introduces Amory Lovins' concept of the 'negawatt' - to be thought of as a similar concept to the production of a kilowatt, in that there is real economic value in "producing a negawatt" (in other words, finding a saving in energy use).

The chapters cover planning, choosing materials, ventiliation, cooling, lighting, choosing low energy appliances, and water. There is also a useful chapter at the end which lists relevant organisations like the British Wind Energy Association.

Wind Power Workshop
12 from Amazon
Wind Power Workshop is an updated version of the best selling step-by-step guide to designing and building a wind generator from scrap and recycled parts. Windpower Workshop provides essential information for the individual wanting to build and maintain a windpower system for their own energy needs.

It's a breeze
5.99 from Amazon
If you are considering installing a windpower system but don't know where to begin It's a Breeze is for you. Make the most of Hugh Piggott's twenty years of experience and avoid unecessary expense and technical headaches. Guiding you through the whole process - from assesing your power needs to installinga wind power system - the answers to all your questions are here: What is small scale wind power? Is wind power right for me? Which system do I need? Can I design the system myself? Will I be able to understand what manufacturers and consultants are talking about? Clearly illustrated throughout, It's a Breeze includes a valuable market survey of wind turbines, a list of suppliers, consultants and support organisations, and a glossary of terms

Solar Power for your home
5.99 from Amazon
Solar Power for your home is a basic introduction to Solar Power, written with the North American market in mind. If you are actually wanting to commission a solar system for your home, this is unlikely to be enough info on its own, but will serve as a good, broad introduction.





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