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diy wind turbines

If you consider yourself pretty handy, there are various build-your-own plans available, or turbine-building courses you can attend.  Depending on your skills and the components you use, your finished turbine may or may not be as efficient as a manufactured one, but could be a lot of fun to make, and probably a good deal cheaper.

Hugh PiggottHugh Piggot, of Scoraig Wind Electric in Ross shire, Scotland, is something of a guru in the DIY turbines area, having been making and refining his own machines for over 25 years.

He's written a 64 page step-by-step booklet called "How to build a wind turbine - the axial flux plans", which you can order directly from his website for 11 including postage. There are full lists of materials, suppliers and tools for the job.

We've not read it yet, but to give you an idea, the blurb mentions carving blades and welding a frame, so it does sound like you need to be fairly practically minded.

Hugh also runs workshop courses on building wind turbines at various locations including the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, but there are none currently scheduled until 2007.

experimenting with smaller generators 

Also very much worth a look is Ben Jandrell's pages on low cost DIY generators at . He's focussing on DIY turbines from scrap parts for under 100.  These aren't likely to ever power your home, you'd be amazed at some of the output he's been getting using old bicycle dynohub generators! There are also some handy tips on finding and using old motors to generate a bit of energy here.

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