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So you've done everything you can to save energy? (you'll need to if you want to get any of the government grants). What next?  Here's a run down of your options for generating your own energy:

Small scale wind turbines
Swift rooftop turbine These are either mounted on a pole in your garden, or bolted on your roof. Several different makes are just coming onto the market, but which is best for you? And what about planning permission? Click here to find out more
Solar hot water systems
Rooftop Solar Hot Water Panel Imagine you painted a radiator black, connected it up, and stuck it on your roof on a sunny day. This is the basic idea behind solar hot water, and even in cloudy UK conditions a nicely set up system can give you loads of free hot water.
Solar photovoltaic panels
solar panel Solar photovolatic (PV) panels have been around for years on calculators and things like that. The technology has come a really long way since then, but they're still an expensive way of powering your home. They are great for remote power though, like sheds and outbuildings .
Ground source heat pumps
heat pump Heat pumps are magic. For every unit of energy you put in to the system, you get between 3 and 4 out. Sound too good to be true? Read on! Heat pumps article
Wood boilers
wood chip boilers Might sound a little low-tech but efficient wood boilers are also really worth thinking about, particularly if you live near a cheap supply of fuel. If the wood is sustainably managed, replanted and is local, you can revert to the good old wood stove with a clear concience, as this would make you carbon neutral.





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