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Aug 20

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A "quiet green revolution" that avoids "green gimmicks" and instead focuses on delivering low carbon jobs is what Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg claims the coalition government is aiming for.

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Aug 20

Photo credit: Endurance /Dulas 

This month marks a significant milestone for the current darlings of the small wind industry, Endurance Wind Power. Around a week ago they completed the first European installation of their 50kW machine, the E-3120, at a dairy farm in Devon, UK. Installed by engineers from Dulas Ltd, the project took three days to complete. A nice video that shows the installation is available at this link.


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Aug 18

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Scotland's community and renewable energy scheme (CARES) is closing to new applications due to unprecedented demand, it was announced on Monday.

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Aug 17

 Siemens Press Release


The Scottish government yesterday revealed it is in talks with Norwegian energy giant Statoil about hosting the world's first floating wind farm at two potential sites off the Scottish coast. The company envisages installing between three and five floating wind turbines that would be deployed to demonstrate the commercial viability of the technology. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond met with senior executives at the firm to discuss the viability of the two prospective sites - one off the coast of Lewis and one off Aberdeenshire.

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Aug 16



Lying 5000 metres below the unassuming Cornish town of Redruth are the granite generators of the UK's first geothermal power plant. Water pumped down to the 170°C bedrock will return as rapidly expanding steam and drive generators capable of producing up to 10 MW of base load electricity to the National Grid and up to 55 MW of renewable heat for local use.

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Aug 13


A new industry body, called the Australian Small Wind Energy Association has just been founded. Here's an extract from an email which has been circulated to known players in the Australian small wind industry:

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Aug 12

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A new report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has highlighted the merits of feed-in tariff (FiT) schemes - showing that these fiscal incentives are responsible for 75% of all solar PV and 45% of all wind development worldwide.  

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Aug 12

 Photographer: ABC News/ Damien Larkins

A much-heralded installation of four 12kW rooftop vertical axis wind turbines on a council building in Hobart, Tasmania, has suffered a spectacular glitch only weeks after being installed. Strong winds of around 15 m/s (or around 33 mph) hit the Hobart bay area, and at least two of the four turbines suffered an overspeeding problem. 


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Aug 11

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Installing a solar PV system typically costs £10-12,000 - a sizable investment for most households. What if a company instead offered to fit your home with solar panels free of charge - would you then reconsider? You could avoid the pricey investment while reducing your electricity bill at the same time. But on the other hand you would miss out on the generous returns offered by the new Feed-in Tariff. If only there was a way to find out whether or not it's worth splashing out on your own solar panels.........

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Aug 10


News just in from our friends at Quiet Revolution - they announced in a press release yesterday that they are dramatically dropping the price of their flagship vertical axis turbine, the qr5, by around 40%. This is, they say, in response to increased demand and a volume ramp up since the Feed in Tarrifs were introduced in April of this year.

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