The Green Library

The Green Library

The Green Library is our collection of knowledge, tips and information collated over many years working in the small renewable energy sector.In these pages, you will find information on some of the most important areas of the renewable energy industry, including several 'Green Energy Factsheets,' containing information regarding all aspects of renewable energy, low carbon technology and energy saving incentives. We have also developed a series of renewable technology specification sheets, which provide detailed technical information on a varity of microrenewables.

Green Energy Factsheets

Information on saving, generating and using energy. Want to learn about the Feed-In Tariff? Interested in planning permission for wind turbines? Get the info here.

Technology Spec Sheets

Through our work with the Power Predictor, we've had to analyse the specifications of over 100 small wind turbines and several solar PV panels. Here, we've created a specification page for each.

There are various other sites that provide excellent consumer and industry guidance on government guidelines, installation advice, and general information. The Department of Energy and Climate change maintains a huge portfolio of general information, and more detailed energy statistics, as well as governmental policies and legislation. Renewable UK (Formerly BWEA) contains information on recomended low carbon businesses, energy jobs, courses, as well as interesting blogs and topical news.

Better Generation also supports Ashtag, a free tool to track the spread of the Ash tree ‘dieback’ fungus and limit its impact.