About us

Established in 2006, Better Generation Group Ltd has grown to be the number one provider of low cost high value tools for site assessment to the micro-generation community in over 120 countries.

Our tools deliver measured, accurate real life data to support decision making for adopting renewable energy. They cost effectively unlock the potential for sustainable energy production enabling people and organizations to make informed decisions about wind and solar energy options. Our central data cloud connects industry participants and as such we are vendor independent and work with anyone who plans to use or influence the use of renewable energy.

Our customers range from end consumers to major corporations adopting carbon reduction strategies to governments planning entire country survey grids as part of making practical steps to the wholesale adoption of distributed renewable energy policies.

Our Team

Graham Brant - Group Board Member and CEO (Hong Kong)

Graham has spent over 30 years in a career defined by a passion for electronics and communications. He has a strong track record in developing emerging technology based companies, including spending 10 years at Microsoft during the 1990’s as a founding member of its Global Consulting team, CEO of Microsoft Hong Kong, and many other related businesses in both Europe and Asia. Since 2001 Graham has been active as CEO of Beyond Asia Capital; investing in emerging technology, global platform companies such as Better Generation.  



James Robinson - Chief Financial Officer  (Hong Kong)

Graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in Economics, James then qualified as a UK Chartered Accountant and as a UK Chartered Tax Advisor. Having begun his training in audit specialising in SMEs he moved into corporate finance, where he worked on numerous stock market floatations and M&A transactions. In 2005 James joined Delling Group plc, a listed company, as CFO. During his time at Delling he ran the acquisition and funding processes which helped grow turnover ten-fold in three years. After leaving Delling in 2008 James moved to Hong Kong before joining Better Generation.  



Pieter Knook, Chairman Better Generation Group Ltd

Appointed Chairman of Better Generation in December 2010, an investor in the group and an advocate of clean technology, Pieter is passionate about environmental issues. For two years he was Director of Internet Services for Vodafone where he led the development and delivery of their consumer propositions for the internet. Before this, Pieter spent 17 years with Microsoft, where he in his last 5 years he was Senior VP running Microsoft’s mobile business. He holds an MA from Trinity Hall, Cambridge and was schooled at St Paul’s School, London. Fluent in Dutch, French and English, Pieter now lives with his wife and daughter by the Thames in London.  

Sales Office Manager: Nazleen SheikhAdministrative Sales Executive: Lisa LiangTechnical Manager: Dom Starkey