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climate change
So should we really be worried about Climate Change? Of course we should. But you don't need us to give you a big lecture about it - if you're looking at this site, the chances are that you're already well aware of what could happen if we all carry on pretending nothing's wrong.

watch this:
This video ad, which has been running on national tv recently, is a pretty good introduction to the issues around climate change. (running time: 2 minutes 1 second) Source: Climate Challenge website, UK Crown Copyright

and this:
This is good too, from the Blue Man Group. (Aimed at US viewers) (running time: 1 minute 49 seconds)

other stuff:
Click here to find out what famous people have been saying about climate change, and here if you dig the scary-sounding statistics.

now its time to do your bit:

It needn't be all doom and gloom though - there's loads of things we can all do, as regular people, to make a difference (and save money too by the way). Find out more by clicking on start saving energy, or start generating energy.


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