Our Projects

Better Generation is always seeking new projects and partnerships that can advance the work that we are already doing, supporting small renewable energy installations all over the world. We are involved in a number of projects that hope to spread the word of clean renewable energy and its benefits. These include school and business initiatives, international learning schemes, as well as our everyday customers who benefit from our unique assessment tool, The Power Predictor. If you want to read some of our customers' experiences with the Power Predictor, check out our case studies.


The Green Power for Schools project - www.powerpredictorschools.org - recently started through a unique partnership between Better Generation and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, aims to encourage students to understand how solar and wind energy is created and how it will affect their lives in the future. The Power Predictor is the perfect tool to encourage young people to think about and consider renewable energy as an integral part of our future generation. This unique opportunity allows schools to compare their results with each other and the other tens of thousands of Power Predictors around the world. There are also events, competitions and free lesson plans, all involving the Power Predictor and renewable technologies.

Facilities Management

Better Generation has worked with several global partners to create The Power Predictor Facilities Management Package: A unique, low cost method to accurately measure the potential reduction in energy costs and carbon reduction for managed real estate properties. Our first Facilities Management installation took place in late 2011 at Cyberport in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, the ICT centre known as Cyberport has been in operation for nearly 10 years. In order to reduce their energy expenditure and their carbon footprint, it is quite likely that Cyberport will eventually be spending substantial amounts of money but until they had the Power Predictor and it’s software from Better Generation, they really had no idea what kind of solution would be best for them. Read the full story and the results here.


Amazon Web Services

At Better Generation we use Amazon Web Services for our online hosting and database needs. Take a look at this case study for more information on the assistance AWS provides us.

If you are interested in any of these projects, want to help out or have an idea of where else the Power Predictor could be put to good use, let us know by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it