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a bit about us
Better Generation Ltd was founded by Toby Hammond, an ecologist by training, and Seb Wood, an engineer who were friends from University and are now based in London.

After a number of years working in fairly mainstream consultancy jobs, they both felt it was time to stop writing important-sounding, but dust-gathering reports that we have a sneaky suspicion nobody actually ever read.

Toby measuring windspeed up a mast Instead we wanted to try and do something practical to help everyone address that big elephant-in-the-corner, climate change.  The result of our very much ongoing efforts is Better Generation.

As we grow, we are trying our best to minimise the environmental impacts of our business activities. This has started off with easy things like getting a renewable electricity supplier for the office, waste recycling and low energy lighting. We are continuing to look at trickier things like the carbon footprint of the products we sell (especially the energy used in manufacture and transportation). Seb tries out an electric bike

We hope you like the stuff on our site and the products on offer. There's some feedback from other folk here. If you've got any suggestions or ideas we'd love to hear them. So don't be shy - just drop us a line and say hello...

The Better Generation office is on: 020 7738 5800 or email

Better Generation Ltd Company Number: 05855231

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Multipack of Low Energy Bulbs - convert your lighting now!
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