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You probably know all about how our Power Predictor can measure wind and sun to recommend the best renewable energy technologies for your site, but what if you or your company has many large sites? The answer is to create what we call a 'distributed array' of Power Predictors, typically ten or more, to generate a full picture of the conditions across your site.

To support this kind of installation, Better Generation has created a new product that will allow you to access a specially designed interface and see data from all of your devices hosted in one place.

Check out the video on the right for more or read on to hear about the package and our most recent case study.

Managed real estates and new construction sites are coming under increasing legislative pressure to meet energy usage and carbon emission standards. The PPFM package provides localised and accurate information to guide decisions for the implementation of renewable energy solutions and evaluate the potential for a site to evolve from being energy user to energy producer.

Case study: Cyberport, Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the government owned digital science park, a 200,000 sq m development called Cyberport, in common with many such facilities across the world is seeking out strategies to reduce net energy consumption and absolute carbon footprint. As a government site the team also have a strong desire to be able to publish to the wider community their core strategies and progress as part of their CR program.

As part of the project,Cyberport Facilities Management deployed an PPFM package to identify the potential for energy generation alongside other projects seeking energy usage reduction

In just 30 days, Cyberport were able to identify over 1MW of potential generation capacity, 1.4 tonnes of potential CO2 reduction, 2 potential wind turbine sites and a further 2 potential solar panel sites. This was accomplished together with all the supporting audit-ready data for an initial investment of under $6,000

The package contains:

  • 10 measurement nodes (Power Predictors), which are deployed across an individual site or multiple facilities.

  • A complete centrally accessed web based software analyses of the measured data to provide viability, energy potential/carbon reduction figures and financially based recommendations for each node. Algorithms that reference a large and constantly updated global database of product and natural resource data that complements your local measurements to provide, clear, accurate real world solution recommendations.

  • A Corporate dashboard provides a map based summary of the site(s) energy generation and carbon reduction potential.  An API is available to optionally publish this data on an external site as part of a CR program.

The benefits

  • The package provides results for fast decision making, identifying and unlocking energy production potential across a real estate with initial results in just 30 days. Long term measurement, both pre and post implementation of chosen solutions provides effective ongoing monitoring of renewable energy strategy.

  • The assessment allows the user to access a variety of 3rd party micro generation products on an independent basis.  A decision can then be made based on the performance of a product or a different approach to energy generation and carbon reduction.  A full financial projection is provided with all approaches.

  • The package establishes a path to save money on energy generation and carbon reduction and can be used to support Corporate Responsibility programs.  Free software is supplied to support CR programs

The cost

  • The package of 10 nodes and an bespoke web based assessment tool costs £3858 ($6000 US)

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