The Power Predictor 2.0

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  • Introducing the Power Predictor 2.0
  • How it works
  • Customer experiences
  • Endorsements
  • Technical specs

Introducing thePower Predictor2.0

Your first step to free electricity

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There's no need for a costly specialist to tell you how much free energy you could be harnessing


Take the guesswork out of small renewable energy with a Power Predictor


How it works

Before you buy a wind turbine or solar panels, find out how
much power you could generate.

Step 1. Make the decision to generate cleaner, cheaper energy.
Step 2. Install the Power Predictor on your property where you are thinking of placing your wind turbine or solar panels.
Step 3. Let the Power Predictor collect your data.
Step 4. Upload your data to where you will be able to view your own unique Power Report and a comprehensive financial analysis of your options.

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N.B. This video was recorded with sample wind and solar data.
Forecasted values are not representative.
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Customer experiences

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Duncan is the owner of The Thoughtful Bread Company, a small bakery in Bath. Keen on doing their bit for the environment, his company is looking to invest in renewable technologies in the near future and is using the Power Predictor to make an informed decision.

The Power Predictor allowed us to properly assess the situation before considering investing"

- Duncan @ The Thoughtful Bread Company


GeorgeBlown Away by Savings

Aston Farm in Exmoor National Park has been owned by the Halliday family for over 150 years. Using the Power Predictor, George Halliday was able to discover that a small wind turbine could help not just to reduce his CO2 emissions, but also save him nearly £7000 a year! To reduce turbulence from surrounding trees and buildings, George mounted the Power Predictor in a local field using his home-made ten meter mast. For those of you not quite as ambitious as George, there is a range of masts available at

I found the Power report very helpful in identifying the right turbine for me and I am very happy with the Power Predictor's performance overall."

- George Halliday


A Rotten Roof for Wind

It avoids wasting your money on a piece of kit which is not right for you"

- Dave Hampton

What would happen if you put a wind turbine on your roof in an urban area with low wind speeds? The Power Predictor's answer - Not a lot! Now working as a Carbon Coach, Dave Hampton placed his Power Predictor on his roof on his London home only to discover that a typical wind turbine might never pay back his investment and he could be better off installing solar panels.


Here's a small sample of what people have been saying about the Power Predictor...

This enables you to monitor how
much wind or solar power you could
potentially generate over a year."
            - BBC Weather Show

Could help you choose the most efficient device for your home.”

- The Sunday Times

A must for anyone thinking
about installing a wind turbine.”
- Peter Osbourne, FuturEnergy

Very easy to use."

- Which?

The product that everyone has been after...If you want a long term, remote, easy to install data logging device - this is for you.


Collecting data about the wind and
sun is going to allow me to see
what the potential is for this site."
                     - Dick Strawbridge

An essential tool for anyone considering changing to renewable energy at home. It calculates the time it takes to recover the costs of installing renewable-energy equipment.”

- The Independent

"Site assessment equipment like this will be invaluable in helping householders and businesses generate their own clean, green, renewable energy."

- Alex Murley, RenewableUK

A vital first step in deciding whether solar
or wind power is right for you.”

- Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs

Technical specification

  • 3 cup, pulse anemometer, accurate to +/- 3% in independently verified tests
  • Assembly built around two low friction bearings (delivering 1.3 m/s start up speed)
  • Balanced potentiometer wind vane for measuring prevailing wind direction
  • Solar PV cell for recording solar irradiation
  • Power Predictor web application works through your browser - with PC or Mac
  • Self contained waterproof data logger engineered for low power operation
  • LCD screen provides live windspeed and solar indication
  • SD memory card included with USB adaptor
  • PP3 9V battery supplied
  • Five metres UV balanced cable included
    (6m and 12m extension cable available separately)
  • Requires USB 1.0 or 2.0 port on your computer
  • Rugged UV resistant ABS plastic
  • RoHS compliant and fully CE certified
  • Price includes two year site license valid for one main site and two sub-sites
  • Masts available seperately - see our shop for more info.

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