Which turbines are included?

Our wind turbine database on the Better Generation website includes profiles of over 100 different models, from machines that have been manufactured for years, to weird and wonderful 'concept' wind turbines. But only a handful of these are analysed with our Power Predictor product. This is because we want to take reasonable care to ensure that the wind turbines presented are ones we would consider serious contenders for your project. 


There is a lot of work underway to develop small wind turbine standards, such as the MCS in the UK and the SWCC in the US. However these schemes are still in their early days and few turbines have completed their testing at this time. So until there are internationally adopted standards, we use a series of common sense criteria to judge whether or not to include a small wind turbine at www.powerpredictor.com:


  1. The manufacturer has sold and installed more than twenty production versions of their turbine (not prototypes)
  2. The manufacturer can demonstrate a turbine that has been running in the field for three years
  3. There is a network of dealers in the relevant geographic locations who are trained/experienced in servicing the machine
  4. The turbine is respected by industry experts
  5. There is published pricing, warranty information, and third-party verified energy data and power curve
  6. The wind turbine does not appear to break any fundamental laws of physics, such as the Betz limit


We regularly review the list of turbines that are included. If you have any suggestions for inclusion or exclusion, we'd encourage you to leave a feedback comment against our profile of that particular machine here.

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