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low energy bulbs savings calculator
How much money could you save every year by switching to low energy light bulbs? (We've filled in average figures for you incase you're not sure about your energy price).

So start saving money now by switching to some new-generation low energy bulbs. The new designs are just as good as conventional light bulbs! Click here to see our range of great value low energy bulbs .

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Robert Waugh said: _

  Dear sir / madam, I have a small business renovating and maintaining older properties. However due to an accident at work I have been forced to down size and may be forced to retire early. To make life a bit easier I am presently overseeing the managment / building of a new bungalow for my wife and I.
I am presently looking at the most efficient appliances available, from light sources/bulbs to large appliances (white goods etc). Various heating systems (probably a gas / solar wet under floor heating system). I am also considering solar and wind generating systems, either as an additional source to the grid, or as a secondary source to work in combinatio with the grid. I would be very interested in your product range & technical advice, along with your current trade discount structure. I presently deal with Denmans & wilts wholesale electrical, Bradfords, Sydenhams, plumb centre etc.
Please feel free to contact me on 0786 88 42418 or
Many thanks, Rob Waugh
November 29, 2006
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