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So your energy bills are rising, it seems they are going to keep going up. Now let's be honest, how much of this expensive energy are you using, and how much are you wasting? Probably a lot more than you realise!

We've come up with a list of the easiest and smartest things you can do right away to start saving energy (and the s).

insulate your loft
Adding insulation to your loftspace is a bit of a no-brainer. It immediately starts saving you money, and in some cases the installation costs can be met by a grant from your local authority. Check out our factsheet on loft insulation for more details.

fit energy saving light bulbs
Have you got low energy light bulbs fitted wherever you can in your house? It's another extremely easy thing to do. In less than a year they'll have paid for themselves and will be saving you cash. We've got an excellent range of energy saving light bulbs at some utterly unbeatably low prices! And if you're into the science behind these clever things, we've also put together a quick guide to how low energy lights work.

turn down your thermostat
Do you really need to walk around the house in T shirts? We're not suggesting you make yourself chilly, but just by turning your thermostat down by one degree could save you up to 10% of your heating bill. Tony Blair even turned his thermostat down recently, supposedly.

turn things off when you're not using them
Your TV and video on standby may a cliche but it certainly wastes a whole lot of energy. And don't forget about lights too - try and just get into the habit of turning them off when you leave a room. The thing about them taking more energy to turn off and on is a myth...

buy energy efficient appliances
Tot up the energy used by your fridge, freezer, kettle, iron, microwave, TV, video, DVD player and hifi, and you're looking at a fairly big chunk of the energy you use. All appliances aren't born equal - find out more here.

put foil behind your radiators
May sound a bit low-tech, but fitting aluminium foil behind any radiators that are on outside walls will help to reflect the heat into the room, rather than out of it, and is likely to save you a least a tenner a year in heating bills. 

hunt out the draughts
Fitting simple rubber foam or brush strips to your doors and windows will stop those chilly draughts, and could also save you at least another 10 a year on your heating.

make sure your immersion heater is insulated
If you've got an immersion hot water tank, make sure it has foam or other insulation on it. If not, get a simple insulating jacket for it from a DIY shop and you'll save a tenner a year.


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