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superior solar garden lights

Forget about those weedy, dim solar garden lights you can pick up for a few quid at petrol stations and hardware stores. Our range here is something else entirely: using specially licensed, high-performing solar cells, made of top quality stainless steel and other durable components to make these lights a big cut above the others!

Venetian Solar Garden Light

The Venetian is our entry-level Solar Garden Light, representing excellent value for money whilst maintaining high quality standards. SPECIAL OFFER: 2-pack for the same price!
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Cascade Solar Garden Light

The popular Cascade solar lights are made from very high quality components and include 'Infitity Maxi' solar panels to cast a pool of light much brighter than your average solar garden light.
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Verdi Solar Garden Light

The Verdi is a traditionally styled lantern and has its solar panel mounted on top of the post rather than on the lamp head. This enables the post to be tucked away in the shrubbery with the lamp head gracefully overhanging the lawn edge or pathway.
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Chandler Solar Garden Light

The Chandler is probably the brightest Solar Garden Light on the market, featuring the all new 20,000 MCD bulb, and throws a 3m pool of light
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Positano Solar Garden Light

You only have to pick up Positano to recognise the quality. From the heavy cast aluminium body to the cut crystal style glass lens, Positano is without doubt the ultimate solar garden light.
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Solar Spot Garden Light

Our Spot Light is made with a cast aluminium body and glass lens. It is fitted with our 20,000 MCD super bright bulb which enables the Spot to floodlight anything up to 4.5m to 6.0m (15' to 20) in height.
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