Aerodyne Lakota Wind Turbine Hot

Aerodyne Lakota Wind Turbine

This medium sized turbine boasts aerospace grade materials with the finest intuitive design to produce a quiet, enduring generator at a very reasonable price. The manufacturers claim the carbon fibre blades are 7 times stiffer than steel and as a result they reduce energy loss due to 'flapping' of the blades. The turbine withstands extreme weather conditions due to its resistant coating and continues to produce energy safely at very high wind speeds due to its 4 gear setting.

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Swept area

The Lakota has a blade diameter of 2.09 metres. This means it has a swept area, or capture area of 3.43 square metres. This is all important when comparing wind turbines, since it directly relates to the amount of passing wind energy the turbine blades can intercept.

Lakota power output curve

The graph below shows the power produced (in watts) for the Lakota at different wind speeds, based on data supplied by the manufacturer.

The green line shows the actual output that the wind turbine achieves at the given wind speed, according to the manufacturers.The dashed line in the graph shows the theoretical maximum energy that this turbine could extract from the wind, according to Betz's Law (59.3%). At a typical wind speed of 5 m/s, the Lakota is extracting 30 Watts of power from the wind, which is an efficiency of 11.38%.

If you want to install a wind turbine, it is very important to measure how much energy you might produce.
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How efficient is the Lakota?

Wind turbines can only convert some of the energy in the wind into electricity. The graph here shows how efficient the turbine is across the range of wind speeds you might get.

The orange line in the above graph shows the efficiency ranging from 0 to 1. The grey line is the previously mentioned maximum efficiency - The Betz Limit. If this limit is exceeded, the manufacturer's claims are not to be trusted!

While these graphs give an indication of the instantaneous power and efficiencies you might expect from the Lakota turbine, working out annual power production is more complex.

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Power output
There is no manufacturer's data for wind speeds higher than 18 m/s so we have assumed a flattening off.
£1000-1200 incl. shipping but cannot be confirmed.
Blade diameter
2.09 metres
Rated output (W)
2 years but can be extended to 7 years.
12 Volt • 24 Volt • 48 Volt
Noise levels
Manufacturers say they use 'Stealth-Acoustic' blade technology to keep noise minimal and avoid TV and radio interference.
Country of origin
Generator type
Permanent magnet
Governing wind speed (m/s)
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written by wind turbine, January 31, 2011
the wind turbine looks is good,but its wind energy efficiency is not good!!
written by Kimmy L. Soth, November 26, 2010
To Whom It May Concern,

Please provide your price quote CNF to Sihanoukville port, Cambodia. I also want to find out what kinda of support for the distributorship in Cambodia.

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