Eoltec Scirocco 6kW Wind Turbine Hot

Eoltec Scirocco 6kW Wind Turbine

Relatively large wind turbine tested and manufactured in France and the Orkney Islands of Scotland. In a set of small wind turbine trial's by the UK's Energy Savings Trust, the Eoltec turbine came out as the highest producing turbine of 57 tested at sites across the UK.

Recommended for spacious sites such as farms, large homesteads or as a contributor to village or town electricity. The Scirocco comes in variants for grid-connection, or battery charging. It can also be used for 'run-of-the-wind' water pumping (for example well heads for drinking or irrigation purposes) as an alternative to fuel or grid generated pumps.

The Italian distributor is Blu Mini Power.

Wind turbines

Swept area

The Scirocco has a blade diameter of 5.60 metres. This means it has a swept area, or capture area of 24.63 square metres. This is all important when comparing wind turbines, since it directly relates to the amount of passing wind energy the turbine blades can intercept.

Scirocco power output curve

The graph below shows the power produced (in watts) for the Scirocco at different wind speeds, based on data supplied by the manufacturer.

The green line shows the actual output that the wind turbine achieves at the given wind speed, according to the manufacturers.The dashed line in the graph shows the theoretical maximum energy that this turbine could extract from the wind, according to Betz's Law (59.3%). At a typical wind speed of 5 m/s, the Scirocco is extracting 670 Watts of power from the wind, which is an efficiency of 35.39%.

If you want to install a wind turbine, it is very important to measure how much energy you might produce.
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How efficient is the Scirocco?

Wind turbines can only convert some of the energy in the wind into electricity. The graph here shows how efficient the turbine is across the range of wind speeds you might get.

The orange line in the above graph shows the efficiency ranging from 0 to 1. The grey line is the previously mentioned maximum efficiency - The Betz Limit. If this limit is exceeded, the manufacturer's claims are not to be trusted!

While these graphs give an indication of the instantaneous power and efficiencies you might expect from the Scirocco turbine, working out annual power production is more complex.

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The Scirocco wind turbine in action

Eoltec Scirocco

video credit: BJRE1

Power output
The Scirocco wind turbine has a rated power output of 6kW at 11.5m/s and its peak output is constant at 6kW until the cut-out at 60m/s. It is a relatively large turbine, and if intended for domestic use needs open land to reduce turbulence.
This turbine isn't cheap, with typical prices ranging from £20,000 - £27,000 fully installed depending on tower size, individual sites and grants.

In Italy a Sirocco will cost €30,000 to install.
Our view
We have been in contact with the manufacturers who can provide details of present owners of Scirocco wind turbines who willing to give independent reviews of the turbine if interested. Eoltec also tell us that the turbine's high quality engineering results in 'exceptional reliability and productivity' and 'its sleek, unobtrusive design makes it very inconspicuous'.
Blade diameter
5.60 metres
Rated output (W)
UK grants available?
2 years.
48 Volt
Noise levels
The manufacturers claim a level of 35.4 db at a distance of 75m in 8m/s wind speeds.
Country of origin
RPM at rated output
Generator type
Permanent magnet
Governing wind speed (m/s)
Governing system
Passive stall
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